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We began our journey as artists with a passion to see a painting well done.

We began our journey as artists with a passion to see a painting well done.

Sharda Enterprises is a vision of our esteemed founder Mr.Vijay Sharma, a third generation entrepreneur who dared to dream big. Perseverance and tenacity to produce outstanding quality resulted in a record operating profit.

“Man's greatness lies in his power of thought.” – Blaise Pascal

A carefully designed thought is the base of innovations galore. Our Founder dreams of being the revolution in Piping and construction Industry.With excellence as a way of life and with undimmed enthusiasm, Sharda Enterprises has entered unchartered territories – that of special piping works for chemicals and Vacuum Insulated pipelines.Our continuous endeavors at providing the best to our clients have helped usaccomplish a clear revenue increaseof 22% in surprisingly short span of four to five years.

“Quality is not an accident…..It is the result of intelligent effort” – John Ruskin

We believe that a satisfied client is the best output of our channelized efforts and we aim to achieve thiseach time, every time…..

Sharda Enterprises promises to deliver the best of services in terms of quality and time.The company also aspires to be the finest performing EPC Company in the surroundings that we work with simplicity, reasonability, neutrality and integrity.

Here at Sharda we emphasize and give utmost importance to safety. To make sure that safety is maintained as our first priority Sharda Enterprise consist of a team of extremely qualified professionals and skilled technicians backed by years of experience in gas handling and management technologies.


we have a pan India presence with offices in Chennai and Mumbai. We also have a permanent team stationed at Rudrapur (Pant Nagar) to cater north India and in Kolkata to cater east India.

  •   121/11,Kamaraj Street,
          T.M.P. Nagar, Padi,
  •   +91-9841930481
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